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Giovanni Jacopo Caraglio (Print made by)artist bio
Caraglio, Giovanni Jacopo
b Verona or Parma, c. 1500–05; d ?Kraków, 26 Aug 1565

Parmigianino (After)artist bio
Parmigianino [Mazzola, Girolamo Francesco Maria]
b Parma, 11 Jan 1503; d Casalmaggiore, 24 Aug 1540
Title / Description
Martyrdom of St Paul and Condemnation of St Peter [The Martyrdom of St Peter and St Paul]
c. 1527
258 x 451 mm (sheet, trimmed close to platemark)
Inscribed on the first step below the chair: 'IACOVS PARMENSIS FECIT'
first state of three
not visible through mount
Nikolaus Esterházy (not stamped)
Bartsch XV.71.8 (first state of two) info
Adam Bartsch, Le peintre-graveur, vols. 21, Vienna 1803-21

Fröhlich-Bum 1928, p. 178, note 2 info
Lili Fröhlich-Bum, 'Studien zu Handzeichnungen der italienischen Renaissance,' Jahrbuch der Kunsthistorischen Sammlungen in Wien N.F. 2 (1928), pp. 163-98

Copertini 1932, vol. 2, p. 56, pl. CXLI info
Giovanni Copertini, Il Parmigianino, Parma 1932

Popham 1953, pp. 27ff, 57 info
Arthur Ewart Popham, The Drawings by Parmigianino, London 1953

Oberhuber 1963a, no. 58 info
Konrad Oberhuber, Parmigianino und sein Kreis, exhibition catalogue, Vienna, Albertina 1963

Popham 1967, p. 54, under no. 88 info
Arthur Ewart Popham, Italian Drawings in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum: Artists Working in Parma in the Sixteenth Century, 2 vols., London 1967

Popham 1969, p. 49 info
Arthur E. Popham, 'Observations on Parmigianino's Designs for Chiaroscuro Woodcuts,' in Miscellanea I. Q. van Regteren Altena, Amsterdam 1969, pp. 48-51

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Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco, Il Parmigianino: un saggio sull’ermetismo nel Cinquecento, Rome 1970

Popham 1971, p. 9, 12f, under no. 190, fig. 19 info
Arthur Ewart Popham, Catalogue of the Drawings by Parmigianino, 3 vols., New Haven and London 1971

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Parmigianino, ed. Helen Braham, exhibition catalogue, London, Courtauld Institute Galleries 1987

Gould 1994, p. 199, no. G2 info
Cecil Gould, Parmigianino, New York 1994

Landau and Parshall 1994, p. 154f, fig. 161 info
David Landau and Peter Parshall, The Renaissance Print: 1470-1550, New Haven and London 1994

Cirillo Archer in TIB 1995, 2802.008.S1 (first state of
three) info
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Gnann in Mantua and Vienna 1999, no. 256 info
Achim Gnann in Raphael und der klassische Stil in Rom: 1515-1527, eds. Konrad Oberhuber and Achim Gnann, exhibition catalogue, Mantua, Palazzo Te and Vienna, Albertina 1999

Parma and Vienna 2003, no. 75 (entry by C. Farinelli) info
Parmigianino e il manierismo europeo, eds. Lucia Fornari Schianchi and Sylvia Ferino-Pagden, exhibition catalogue, Parma, Galleria Nazionale and Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum 2003

Ottawa and New York 2003-4, no. 35 info
The Art of Parmigianino, exhibition catalogue by David Franklin, with an essay by David Ekserdjian, Ottawa, The National Gallery of Canada and New York, The Frick Collection 2003–4

Ekserdjian 2006, pp. 219ff info
David Ekserdjian, Parmigianino, New Haven and London 2006

Gnann 2007a, no. 34 info
Achim Gnann, Parmigianino und sein Kreis: Druckgraphik aus der Sammlung Baselitz, exhibition catalogue, Munich, Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München and Frankfurt am Main, Städel Museum 2007

Gramaccini and Meier 2009, no. 95 info
Norberto Gramaccini and Hans Jacob Meier, Die Kunst der Interpretation: Italienische Reproduktionsgrafik 1485-1600, Berlin and Munich 2009

Kárpáti 2009-10, no. 19 info
Zoltán Kárpáti, The Alchemy of Beauty: Parmigianino Drawings and Prints, exhibition catalogue, Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts 2009-10
The model for this print, in reverse and on the same scale and with incised outlines, is preserved in the British Museum, inv. no. 1904,1201.2. Seven related studies are known (two from facsimile prints), including two drawings of the entire composition in the Louvre (Popham nos. 379-80, pls. 136-7). Popham speculates that the print reproduces a composition intended for the walls of the Sala de' Pontefici in the Vatican. According to Bartsch, the second state was retouched badly by an other hand. The same composition is found on Antonio da Trento's chiaroscuro woodcut (Bartsch XII.79.28, inv. no. 6240). See also Hugo Chapman's entry in Correggio and Parmigianino. Master Draughtsmen of the Renaissance, London 2000, no. 75.
Inventory Number
Prints: Italian: 16th century: Mounted II
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